Common questions that arise during the home selling journey

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Selling your home is a huge life decision, filled with many ups and downs, so being prepared is a must. Before
listing your home, there are a few great questions to consider to make sure you’re ready for the process and have
all the tools needed for success. 

When is the best time of year to sell my home? 

Studies have shown that the real estate market is usually the busiest in the spring and summer. Even in the renting
market, you’ll notice apartments and other rentals go up in price to make profit from the influx of renters they’ll
be expecting. 

One of the best months to sell your property is in June – on average homes sold during this month made up to 9
percent more. 

Should repairs be done before listing the home?

Before listing your home, consider getting a pre-listing home inspection to pinpoint all repairs in need of fixing.
Fixing areas of the home in need of mending prevents potential buyers from finding them, which can hinder the
selling process. 

What can I expect to pay during the home selling process? 

In standard practice, you’ll pay your real estate agent about 6 to 7 percent of the home sell price for their
commission fee. In addition to this amount, you may also expect to pay these expenses: 

  • Closing costs.
  • Pre-listing home inspection (optional).
  • Staging costs.
  • Costs of any repairs needing to be made. 

Even though the home selling journey takes time, money and effort – you can be rewarded greatly for your diligent
work. Your real estate agent can help guide you through the process and answer questions as they arise during each
stage of the journey.

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