Avoid These 6 Interior Design Bathroom Mistakes

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Bathrooms play a big role in everyday usage and home values overall, so it’s important to make sure they look their best. Whether you’re sprucing up bathrooms in an existing home you just purchased or planning to put your house on the market, interior design changes can significantly improve the appearance of these rooms. However, certain changes could have the wrong effect. Keep the following interior design mistakes in mind when you’re fixing up your bathrooms.

Too Much Color

Bathrooms should provide a calming environment, so be careful with the colors you choose when you’re redecorating. Splashes of color in a neutral bathroom can add visual interest while still offering a relaxing atmosphere. However, having too many colors can cause bathrooms to feel too busy. For example, avoid covering all or most of the walls with bright-colored tiles, especially if you’re using more than one color. While the colors might seem cheerful, having too much color can create a stressful environment in bathrooms.

Small Mirrors

When you’re choosing new mirrors for your bathrooms, make sure you get ones that are longer and wider. Ideally, bathroom mirrors over sinks should be as big as possible. Putting up shorter or narrower mirrors can have an unflattering effect on your bathrooms. These mirrors can make bathrooms look and feel smaller, which is even more of a problem if these rooms are already less spacious. Hanging larger mirrors can make bathrooms appear roomier, while also letting more natural light in if you have windows.

Poor Lighting

Bathrooms should have plenty of light overall. When you’re making changes to your bathrooms, consider the current lighting fixtures in terms of brightness and placement. Don’t leave existing fixtures in place if they offer poor illumination. Instead, switch to fixtures that provide more light. You might also consider adding a fixture if you currently don’t have enough light in certain areas, such as near showers. Adding lighting can make bathrooms safer while also enhancing their appearance.

Wrong Shower Curtain Length

Putting up new shower curtains can give bathrooms a fresh look. If your interior design changes include getting new shower curtains, make sure you get the length right. Hanging shower curtains that are too short or too long can have a negative impact on your bathroom’s appearance. Always take measurements to ensure that you choose the right length for your shower curtains.

No Shower Storage

Showers can quickly take on a cluttered appearance when there’s no storage for shampoos, body wash and other items. When you’re making interior design changes, add storage to showers if they don’t have any currently. You can add corner shelves, hang up a wall caddy or attach soap and shampoo holders to shower walls. These storage solutions can help keep shower stalls more organized.

Regular Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to bathroom walls can give these rooms a warmer look. However, regular wallpaper doesn’t hold up well to these humid environments. Instead of regular wallpaper, make sure you use a type that’s designed for bathroom use, such as vinyl wallpaper. You might also want to avoid having wallpaper reach from floor to ceiling, especially in smaller bathrooms, since this can make them look and feel more cramped. Use wallpaper on the upper parts of walls above tiles instead.

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