What to do when you receive a low-ball home offer

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Listing a home for sale in the real estate market is a tedious process, which can often lead to stress for home

Receiving low-ball offers on your property can add to these feelings however, taking the right countermeasures can
insure you receive an agreeable amount on your home. 

What’s considered to be a low-ball offer? 

Usually, any offer amount 10 percent or more below the initial asking price is considered to be a low-ball offer.
However, as the seller, the power is in yours to decide whether an offer amount is too low. 

Keep your cool and do your research

If you receive a low-ball offer on your home it can be easy to feel offended however, take time to cool down and
figure out why the potential buyer offered an amount so low. 

Oftentimes, homebuyers don’t expect the seller to accept super low offers but offer a low amount to get negotiations
started and to see if the seller is flexible with the price of the property. 

Also consider working with your real estate agent to research similar properties within your area to figure out how
much they’re going for. If you list your home for a higher than average price, you may get a few low-ball offers
from buyers attempting to purchase the home for what they think it’s really worth in the current market. 

Counter the low-ball offer  

Many sellers may be tempted to not respond to a low-ball offer but in turn you may end up missing out on a
potentially well-qualified buyer. If you receive a low offer amount, consider responding with a counter offer you
find to be more agreeable. 

Collaborating with your real estate agent, you can find a way to meet in the middle with the potential buyer.
However, if you feel the offer is completely unreasonable, you may respond back by keeping the price “as is” which
lets the buyer know you value the worth of your home, and they should too if they’re serious. 

By collaborating with your real estate agent, you can list your home at a fair and profitable price and formulate the
best plan to combat low offers in the most effective way. 

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