Home Seller Questions: What Happens After a Home Inspection?

Home inspections are routine components of a home sale. When selling your home, it’s important to know what goes in to a home inspection and what sort of followup you can expect. Knowing what questions to ask will also help you proceed in the best possible way. Here are some important questions to ask after a home inspection:

Did the Inspection Reveal Any Issues?

When selling a home, it’s crucial to make whatever repairs or upgrades you can. The better shape your property is in before you put it on the market, the more interest you’re likely to generate among potential buyers. Plus, when a homebuyer performs their home inspection, they’ll be less likely to find any problems.

However, sometimes the results of an inspection show problems you might have missed. Use this as an opportunity to make improvements and repairs to get the best price on your sale. Ask for a copy of the inspection results and go over them carefully. This will help you determine what changes need to be made a priority.

What Next?

If a potential buyer discovers any problems with the property through an inspection, they will ideally inform the seller right away. The sooner everyone has the results of the inspection, the sooner the sale can move forward.

Depending on the amount and severity of the issues, there are a few options for sellers at this point. One is to complete the necessary repairs for the buyer to move forward with the purchase. Another is to offer a discounted price or other seller concessions, like an offer to help pay closing costs. As a seller, you also have the right to refuse to make the changes, but it might mean the loss of a potential sale.

Working with a real estate agent is ideal when selling a home for many reasons, but they can be particularly helpful in the inspection process as well. A real estate agent can help you find the most reputable home inspection companies and interface with them directly. They can also negotiate with the buyer over things like seller concessions or price changes. This takes some of the stress out of the equation for you as the seller and streamlines the entire purchase process.

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