Backyard movie night essentials

Movies are a great way to spend time with loved ones and connect. Movie night, backyard fun and a few incredible
snacks can turn your home’s outdoor space into a fantastic outdoor movie night.

Here are a few tips to help you create and enjoy your outdoor movie theater.

Projector & Bluetooth speakers

Outdoor movies usually mean using a projector. Try a projector with Bluetooth capabilities included. This feature can
help you boost sound through an external speaker and easily connects to mobile devices. 

Keep the movie screen tight

Plain white walls are usually an excellent option for projecting movies, as long as the wall is smooth. Another
viable option is a white sheet or tarp.

Be sure to keep your screen of choice tight to maintain a clear, crisp picture. Using laundry or binder clips on a
hanging wire can secure the top, while camping or yard spikes can secure the bottom. 

Keep your screen in the shade

It’s a good idea to keep your movie screen in the shade. During the day, your film’s visibility may be affected by
the sun. At night, streetlights and other illumination sources may hinder you at night.

Bring snacks for your outdoor movie night 

Popcorn is often considered a staple movie snack. You can also set up a concession stand filled with some of your
guests favorite candy and chips, which is sure to delight everyone at your next backyard movie night. 

Placing Cozy seating & shelters 

Inflatable camping sofas are a great option for outdoor seating. You could also ask guests to bring their own. If you
want to bring in a little more of the “sleepover” vibe, try including blankets and pillows.

You can shelter your movie area with a large tarp or outdoor canopy.

Ambient lighting

Add ambient lighting around your DIY movie theater setup to really create a cozy atmosphere. Consider adding tiki
torches around the garden. Lanterns can also be placed along the walkways, with string lights adorning the area.

Now you’re all set! Once you have your outdoor movie screen, projector, seating, lighting and snacks you’re good to

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